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About the Artist

Seeking a contemporary improvement on the classic pet portrait, leading artist Erin Barr created pet-draw.com to offer a fresh approach to animal art.

Erin majored in drawing at university and has been producing commissioned artwork since 1998. Starting out as a hobby and receiving commissions through family and friends, Pet Draw has come to establish its name on the international pet portrait scene. Erin has drawn live at international dressage events and commissioned for clients in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Erin frequently works in life size and large portraiture. Large scale work allows for exceptional detail and expression and provides that wow factor not usually captured in smaller scale works.

Working in graphite, charcoal, pencil and ink, Erin successfully conveys the spirit and depth of expression that is unique to each animal. Each drawing requires a strong understanding of the animal’s personality and this detailed analysis makes for a very rewarding and individual final product – for artist and customer. The simple but evocative presentation compliments almost any home or workplace and offers an eye-catching, contemporary pet portrait.

"I enjoy working the texture and forms of animals, the different breeds and the different intensities of expression. Every animal has their own unique challenge. Working closely with the owners, I am able to obtain an insight into the individual pet’s distinctive personality and reinterpret this into the artwork. There is an inimitable bond between owner and pet and I always feel privileged to create images that represent such special relationships"

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